Light Fitting Accessories

Don't be left with your perfect light and no tools to install, suspend, mount or hang it properly and professionally. Cromwell's range offers sets and accessories that can help in the fitting of lights and LED panels and make the process easy and efficient. Choose from leading brands such as LEDVANCE©, which is directly compatible with most of our selection of LED panels, and know you'll have piece of mind and everything you need to get optimal use of your lighting.

Why light fitting accessories?

Lighting such as LED can require specific tools and applications in order to mount and install the lighting correctly and professionally. Cromwell have made it easy with compatible LED surface panel mount kits as well as packs of clips and tool sets that guarantee a simple and hassle-free fitting.


Can I install LED panels without an electrician?

If you need help changing a light fitting, then it is absolutely necessary to get the professional skills and input of an electrician. However, light fitting accessories and LED Surface Panel Mount Kits can massively help with the installation of LED lighting.

What is included in light fitting accessory sets?

Dependant on how you are planning to install your lighting, for example if you're looking to suspend or mount your lighting, will reflect what you need to buy. Typically an LED Surface Panel Mount Kit will include mounting wires, wire mounts, hanging brackets and fixtures to aid in the installation of lighting.