PIR Lights

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What are PIR lights?

PIR is an abbreviation for Passive Infrared Sensor. These sensors detect infrared radiation from things or people, which, when part of a PIR lighting device, triggers a security light to light up the area.

Why buy PIR lights?

PIR lights only activate when required to use minimal electricity. This makes them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than a constant light source.

When are PIR lights used?

They're often used domestically as garden lights, but also as part of a security system to act as a deterrent to burglars. Recently, a lot of businesses have installed PIR lights in lesser used areas of the building, like toilets, corridors, and warehouses to reduce their electricity use and improve environmentally friendly business practices.

PIR light types

PIR lights are available in wall or ceiling-mounted variations. They feature a small PIR sensor to detect movement and can deliver anything from a 300 lumens spotlight to a 3000 lumens floodlight for driveways and gardens. For security lighting, it's recommended to aim for 2400 plus lumens to achieve optimum illumination.

Considerations when choosing PIR lights

Bulb - choose from fluorescent, incandescent or LED bulbs. Each has its own benefits, including cost and product life, and if you wish to change the bulb type from the one supplied, check the technical specifications to ensure its possible.

Power source - PIR lights can be battery operated, wired into the building's electrics or solar-powered. Electric lights require less maintenance and can be more reliable than solar lights, which will dull over the seasons as the light becomes less in winter.

Illumination - if you want to focus light on a specific space, then a spotlight is best, however, lighting up a larger area, such as a garden or storage yard requires a floodlight.


Do PIR sensors work in daylight?

Some models do work during the day and at night, but not all. Check the technical specifications on a product before purchase if this is what you require.

Can PIR lights detect cars?

PIR technology is based on radiant heat, and a car's ignition is a heat-producing chemical reaction. Therefore, a PIR sensor should be able to detect vehicles.