U Bolts

When securing curved or rounded objects such as pipes, it's important to have the right bolt to keep the item in place. U Bolts are specifically designed for anchoring pipes, tubing, posts, providing support and restraint to your desired object Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of U Bolts supplied by leading brand Matlock.

What are U Bolts?

U Bolts are a type of fastener that are so named for their distinct "U" shape. The bolt is curved at the base, from which stems two threaded arms (sometimes called legs). They are most often manufactured from Steel and normally possess a Zinc plating for bolstered resilience.

Why U Bolts?

Due to their unique, curved shape, U Bolts are frequently used in plumbing and industrial applications. The curved base of the fastener provides additional support, whilst the threaded arms are designed for slipping through a U Bolt plate and then secured in place via a nut and washer to effectively restrain your desired item.

When to use U Bolts?

U Bolts are ideal for use when supporting and holding circular items such as pipes, tubing or beams in place or for attaching these items to a wall. Due to their unique shape, they are most commonly utilised in the plumbing and industrial sectors.

U Bolt types

U Bolts are generally classified by bending shape. If the bend is round, then these are round U Bolts, if the bend has a more defined, straight edge with angles that are closer to 90°, including a straight top then these are square U Bolts and if the bend is slightly curved then these are classified as semi-round U Bolts.

Round   -   U Bolts with a fully rounded bend, these are best described as the most conforming to the letter "U" in shape.

Semi-round   -   These U Bolts have a more curved edge than a square U Bolt, but are not as classically "U" shaped as round U Bolts.

Square   -   Square U Bolts possess a straight edge as opposed to a curved one.

Considerations when choosing a U Bolt

• Size - Depending on what size nut you have and the size of your desired pipe or tubing to attach, you will need a different sized thread, length and thread length. It's always best to measure your pipe or tubing carefully before selecting your U Bolt.

U Bolts jargon buster

We want to make it easier for you to understand and shop our range of U Bolts, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the applications and function of U Bolts little better.

What does nominal bore relate to?

When in the context of U Bolts, nominal bore relates to the internal diameter of the pipe it is supporting. It's also important to take into account the pipe's external diameter and the distance between legs of the U Bolt to ensure you select the right sized U Bolt for your needs.


Can U Bolts be reused?

It is not recommended that you re-use U Bolts. This is because over time, as the U Bolts are tightened via nuts, the threads can become damaged, meaning that the bolts will not be as effective if used more than once.

How are U Bolts measured?

Most U Bolt measurements are stylised as such: Diameter/Thread Size (e.g. M8) x Full Length (measured from the end of the threaded arm to the beginning of the curve) x Distance Between Legs (measured from middle to middle) x Length of Leg (threaded section only).

However, it is always best to check the product specifications, as the order of these measurements can vary between manufacturers.