Paper Fasteners

Choose from our range of paper fasteners that will ensure your documents stay together and organised, featuring popular brands such as Qconnect®, Jalema and Rotadex.

What are paper fasteners?

Paper fasteners can be used to secure stacks of papers together by inserting them through punched holes.

Why buy paper fasteners?

Paper fasteners offer a similar hold to staples; however, they are more flexible since they are easily removed and reused.

When are paper fasteners used?

They are used to secure multiple sheets of paper together, such as company records, important documents or papers as they allow you to add additional documents to the file quickly.

Paper fastener types

Prong fasteners/filing clips    -    normally made of steel, the prongs are inserted into the punched holes, the second piece is then folded through and underneath the compressor to compress all of your pages into a secure file.
Paper binders/washers    -    provide a quick and simple method for securing documents - each clip features two pointed ends that pierce through paper and then fold back keeping everything secure.
Tube clips    -    organize your important and frequently accessed documents with this tool, which allows you to add or remove pages at any point within the file.

Considerations when choosing paper fasteners

Quantity - our paper fasteners packs can come in quantities of 10, 50, 100 and 200.


What are paper fasteners made of?
Paper binders/washers are normally made of a soft metal such as brass, where as prong and filing clips are normally made of steel.