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A tool lanyard is essential for anyone working at height. Dropping a tool by accident, could have serious consequences if it were to hit anyone. This ensures the safety of not only yourself but the safety of everyone around you. Cromwell have a wide range of brands to choose from such as Honeywell Miller, Ridgeway, Skylotec, Toolarrest, 3M and Kennedy Professional.

What are Tool Lanyards?

Tool lanyards are used for working with tools at height and keeping them safe from falling. They are made with a connection point at each end to tether a tool to an anchor point. Lanyards are designed to cover a wide range of tool attachments, weight loads and workplaces.

Why Tool Lanyards?

Lanyards are the industry standard solution for the safety of those working with tools at height and for those below on the worksite.

Types of Tool Lanyards

Toggle - For attachment to wrist
Restraint - for use between a body harness and an anchor point
Shock absorbing - stretchable, reduces the risk of tripping and snagging for increased safety
Retractable - For use with lightweight tools, retracting back into an accessible and safe range

Considerations when choosing a Tool Lanyard

• Ensure that the lanyard supports the weight of the tool you are using
• Check that the length is adequate to perform the job in question