Combi Drills

Combi drills are a must-have tool for just about anyone, from DIY enthusiasts to industry professionals. They come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet the needs of all kinds of industry and DIY tasks.

Cromwell stocks a broad range of combi drills, from trusted brands used by professionals around the world.

What are combi drills?

Combi drills are a 3-in-1 drilling solution that allow users to drive, drill, and impact drill without requiring three separate tools.

Combi drills are powered by a large battery pack, which provides energy to an electric motor that rotates the chuck (the piece on the end of the drill that holds the drill bit). There is a trigger mechanism on the handle that controls the speed of the motor, and therefore, the speed of the drill.

Why a combi drill?

Known as the most versatile type of drill on the market, combi drills are never not useful - even the most DIY-phobic of households are likely to keep a combi drill in the shed or garage.

Their versatility is unmatched, and as such they are utilised across a huge range of tasks and industries. Most modern combi drills have a wide range of torque settings that give users precise control over their work, and with three function settings, combi drills are highly suitable for a myriad of drilling, driving, and impact drilling tasks.

When are combi drills used?

Combi drills can perform a number of common yet incredibly valuable tasks, including:

• Drilling holes in metal and wood
• Driving fasteners and screws
• Drilling into concrete / masonry (with the hammer feature)

Considerations when choosing a combi drill

• Power - One of the most important considerations when choosing a combi drill is the power. Electric combi drills are incredibly versatile by nature, providing powerful, lightweight, and flexible performance. The voltage determines the usable power - with 12V being suitable for light DIY tasks, 40V being suitable for virtually anything you decide to throw at it - and 18V-36V being a commonly chosen middle-ground, suitable for all but the toughest tasks.

• Choosing the correct drill bits - Picking the right combi drill is half the battle; yet it is the drill bit that will be coming into contact with whatever it is you're drilling or fastening. There is a drill bit available for every situation imaginable - so ensure you get the right ones for your applications.


Can combi drill be used as a screwdriver?
Almost all modern combi drills can be used as a screwdriver, as long as you have a suitable screwdriver bit.

Will I need an extension arbour for my combi drill?
Extension arbours are invaluable for deep drilling. To use an extension arbour on your combi drill, simply replace the standard arbour with an extension arbour for clean and effective deep drilling.

Can I use any size of drill bit?
Most combi drills accept a varied range of drill bit sizes. Check that the chuck size is compatible with the drill bits you want to use before purchasing a combi drill.