Nail Guns

With names like Hikoki, DeWalt and Makita you'll be sure to find a quality nail gun from the Cromwell range of power tools. With a selection to suit multiple applications and budgets, you can be sure to find the right tool for the job at an affordable price.

What are nail guns?

Nail guns are used by both hobbyists and professionals alike to drive nails through hard materials like wood and metal. They work to replace the manual task of hammering the nail through the workpiece increasing accuracy whilst also saving both time and physical effort. Using battery power or compressed air, nail guns come in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit different applications.

Why nail guns?

Nail guns can help not only improve the accuracy of driving nails into materials, but they also reduce a lot of the physical labour involved in hammering nails manually. As they drive the nail straight into the target in a single forceful motion, they help eliminate the chances of bending as deforming the nail as can happen with hammers. They also reduce the risk of hammering fingers and thumbs by removing the hammer from the equation. As a magazine is loaded with nails you can drive multiple nails into a workpiece quicker and more efficiently with a nail gun, shaving a fair amount of time off the job.

How do nail guns work?

Nail guns work in a single motion, they fire the nail into the workpiece whilst loading the next nail into the chamber. Trigger operated, when pulled the piston will hammer down onto a mechanism that forces the nail out of the gun and into the desired workpiece with force. The spring-loaded magazine then forces the next nail upward into the breach ready for firing. Electric nail guns do this via electrical power whilst air (pneumatic) nail guns used compressed gas or air to fire the nail.

Types of nail gun?

Nail guns come in a range of different varieties, below is a list of the most common types along with a few of their features, benefits and suitable applications.

• Framing nail gun    - A heavy duty nail gun, most commonly used in large heavy tasks like fencing and decking. They use nails up to 3 ½ inches long.

• Finish nailer    - Typically these are 15g and 16g nail guns, used to fire 2 ½ inch nails. They are mostly used by carpenters to finish workpieces and in baseboards.

• Brad nailer    - Used commonly by DIYers. 18-gauge brad nailers are typically used to nail skirting boards. 20-gauge versions are most used in the furniture making process.

• Pin nailer    - Lightweight and smaller in size these nail guns use 23-guage staples and are used for finer working in carpentry.

Considerations when choosing a nail gun

There are a few key areas for consideration when selecting the right nail gun for you chosen application.

• The size of the nails - Does the nail gun have the power to fire the size of nails you'll be using? Will the magazine fit the size of nails you'll be working with?

• Portability - Are you going to be within easy access of a power point? Will you be able to store spare canisters if working in multiple locations? If you don't have easy access to power points, consider a battery powered nail gun or alternatively an air powered version.

• Heavy or finishing - Are you working on heavy workpieces or are you finishing finer workpieces? If finishing, ensure the nail gun has features that will not damage the workpiece, like a non-marring nose.

• Always consider safety - Operating a nail gun as with all power tools shouldn't be taken lightly. Always wear PPE especially eye protection and be sure to check the work environment is free of tripping hazards and other obstructions before undertaking work. Be mindful of others in the working environment and maintain focus on the work until finished, even a slight lapse in concentration can result in a trip to A&E, which is definitely not what anyone wants.


Does a nail gun work on concrete?

A standard nail gun cannot breach concrete, at least not without doing damage to the concrete the nail gun and or yourself in the process. There are however special nail guns designed for concrete that can fire nails powerfully enough that they effectively penetrate concrete.

Can nail guns shoot different size nails?

Certain types of nail guns are designed to work with different sized nails. For example framing nail guns fir nails from 2 ½ inches up to 3 ½ inches in length, where as a brad nailer typically fires nails from 3/8 inches to 1 ¼ inches.