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PVC Strip Curtains

Used to create a semi-transparent and flexible partition between rooms, PVC strip curtains are a handy way of creating two separate spaces in areas of high foot traffic, where a normal door would be inconvenient. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of PVC strip curtains from leading brands such as Coba. For information and guidance when choosing Traffic & Site Management products, visit our comprehensive guide.

What are PVC strip curtains?

Also referred to as strip doors or strip curtains, PVC strip curtains are rolls of PVC material that are designed to be hung in strips in doorways to create a partition between rooms. They are flexible, durable and can easily be wiped clean. Their semi-transparent nature allows you to see oncoming personnel to avoid potential collisions and their flexibility allow them to be opened with minimal force and effort; handy for warehouses where personnel may be carrying heavy loads. They are also designed for limiting contaminants and keeping temperature controlled rooms at the correct temperature.

When are PVC safety curtains used?

Whilst PVC strip curtains can be used in any internal or external doorway, they are most commonly found in warehouses, kitchens, industrial scale greenhouses and similar areas that require a temperature controlled environment or where contaminants such as fumes, dust or insects are an unavoidable hazard. They can also be a tool to reduce noise between manufacturing or production areas and quieter areas, such as quality control rooms in factories. Red PVC markers are also often used to highlight the doorframe too maximise safety.

Considerations when choosing a PVC strip curtain

Colour - PVC strip curtains come in an array of colourways to match the décor of your workplace or highlight hazardous areas. They are most commonly supplied with a slight blue hue to offer some privacy whilst still allowing for transparency. Red marker strips are also common to highlight the door frame, to increase safety.

Size - PVC strip curtains are supplied on rolls of varying length and come in a variety of widths and strip lengths to suit a variety of doorways. It's best to measure the length and width of your doorway to avoid having to make manual adjustments to the PVC strips to fit your doorway.

Ease of Installation - Some PVC strip curtains come ready to cut with hangers attached and ready to hang. Others will be supplied on the roll and can be cut to size and have hangers attached after.

PVC strip curtain jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to shop our range of PVC strip curtains, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better

What do red PVC strip curtains mean?

As it sounds, red PVC strip curtains are red in colour. Unlike the blue hued, semi-transparent colour PVC strip curtains, the red strips are used to denote where the doorframe is to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring. There is usually one red PVC strip closest to the doorframe, with the usual blue hued PVC strips in the middle.


How do I clean PVC strip curtains?

PVC strip curtains can easily be wiped down with some warm water, a damp sponge or cloth and some grime and grease cutting soap or detergent. Regular cleaning of your PVC strip curtains ensures unsightly and unwanted water marks, stains or contaminants are effectively removed, enhancing the quality of the PVC strip curtains.