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Make the most of your storage space and get organised with drawer dividers from Cromwell. The ideal way to keep tools and fasteners accessible and easy to find, our drawer dividers are available in a wide range of materials and styles, from plastic box inserts to steel toolbox divider inserts.

Customise your storage and get the most out of every inch of space with high-quality inserts from market-leading brands like Bott®, Raaco®, Treston® and our own brand Senator®.

What are drawer dividers?

Used everywhere from wardrobe drawers to office stationery cupboards, drawer dividers act as a means of segmenting a large drawer space into smaller, contained areas of storage. This can be in the form of plastic boxes set into a drawer, plastic or metal slots that slide into a pre-moulded groove, or even an entire drawer component, pre-divided, which simply slides into the drawer space.

Drawer divider types

There's a wide choice of drawer dividers on the market. Some are designed for simple placement into the required space, while others rely on the drawer design, such as slotted dividers. All are designed to be adjustable to allow for complete customisation.

• Box inserts   -   Designed for storing small components and fasteners in toolboxes, these opaque boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes to keep your inventory clearly divided

• Slot dividers   -   This type of divider slots into pre-moulded groove in a drawer or a box insert to make use of all the storage space available and clearly designate storage areas

• Divider kits   -   Designed for use in modular drawer units, these kits are designed specifically to divide up a set size of drawer and can be adjusted according to user preference

• Bin dividers   -   Suitable for use in cabinets and flow racking, bin dividers are made from durable plastic and can benefit from the use of slot dividers to separate small parts

Considerations when choosing drawer dividers

Drawer size - start at the beginning as they say, and measure the space you want to divide, make sure you take the depth measurement too, you don't want to end up with a neatly arranged drawer that won't close.

Storage quantities - think about the stock you have and how you want to divide it, you might want to put nails together in a box insert and use slot dividers according to size for example.

Insert type - think about which type of divider will suit the space you have. Box inserts can be sub-divided, but their sides when placed next to one another lose a bit of space. Drawer divider kits can be a good option if you can't visualise how you want the space to work.


What are the benefits of toolbox drawer dividers?

Keeping your toolbox drawers organised and tidy allows you to see what you have and what you don't have at a glance. Suitable for stacking, drawer storage bins are ideal for deep drawers, while labelling each divider or box is a great way of identifying fastener sizes and types.

Box inserts can be taken out completely to keep small components within reach and prevent them from rolling away while in use. While divider kits provide the maximum convenience since they can be placed directly into a drawer and used immediately.