Sack Tags & Ties

Ideal for securing and labelling sacks and bags, sack tags and ties are simple and cost effective. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of sack tags and ties from our exclusive brand Avon as well as national brand QConnect.

What are sack tags and ties?

Sack tags are a piece of material - usually a plastic or paper-based material - that are designed primarily for labelling sacks, bags or luggage. They can be attached to the sacks via a piece of thread or string that goes through a small circular hole at the top of the tag. This allows for easy identification of the contents of the sack.

Sack ties - sometimes referred to as bag ties - however, are designed for sealing sacks or bags, keeping the contents contained and secure during transportation. They can easily be applied with the help of a sack tying tool which can be extremely useful when tying multiple sacks. Sack ties are often used as an alternative to cable ties where a reusable and more durable tie is required.

When are sack tags and ties used?

Sack tags and ties are used in a wide variety of sectors, but are very commonly found in mail rooms, recycling or waste management centres, agricultural settings, and construction. Ultimately, sack ties and tags can be used in any scenario in which it is beneficial for sacks to be clearly identifiable or sealed.

Considerations when choosing a sack tag and tie

Material - Whilst sack tags are most commonly manufactured from paper or cardboard, they can also be comprised of plastic for more demanding tasks. Sack ties are also generally manufactured from steel or polypropylene. It's worth considering which material best suits your needs to ensure you select the right product for your level of application.

Type - Sack tags are used for labelling sacks, whereas sack ties are designed for sealing up sacks to ensure the contents do not fall out I transit. It's important to consider the intended use of the product to make sure that you select the right product for your application.

Sack tags and ties jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to shop our range of sack tags and sack ties, so we've outlined and explained some key terms that will help you understand the product range and their applications a little better.

What does a sack tying tool do and do I need one?

A sack tying tool is specifically designed to help speed up the process of applying sack ties to your bag. They work by looping through the end of the sack tie and aiding with the twisting process to seal the sack quickly and efficiently.

Whilst they are not mandatory for all sack ties - a lot of sack ties can be operated by hand - a sack tying tool will speed up the manual process, saving you time and effort.


Can sack tags be used for labelling luggage?

Absolutely. Whilst it may be worth considering a more permanent or robust solution such as a leather or plastic tag with a see through window in which an address label can be inserted, sack tags can of course be used to label luggage.