Nylon Brushes

Nylon brushes are a must-have attachment for any angle grinder. Their versatile usage and flexible, versatile design enables a wide range of finishing, polishing, and deburring jobs to be enacted with minimal user effort.

At Cromwell, we stock numerous types of nylon brush, from trusted brands and suppliers tried and tested by professionals around the globe. We also stock a range of 3M radial bristle brushes.

What are nylon brushes?

Nylon brushes are constructed similar to regular angle grinder discs, but instead of a hard abrasive, cutting edge, or wire arrangement, they have a large number of nylon bristles protruding from the base of the disc.

These bristles consist of a highly flexible abrasive, which can conform to uneven surfaces or workpieces. This gives them an enormous amount of surface coverage when in use and allows them to create a highly uniform finish.

Why a nylon brush?

A nylon brush boasts a range of advantages over traditional abrasive discs. For starters, their brush construction allows users to create a perfect uniform finish much easier than other types of abrasive disc. By utilising their flexible brush design, this can even be achieved around uneven surfaces, protrusions, patterns, and other areas that standard discs wouldn't be able to reach.

Nylon brushes are an effective cleaning tool, too. Their compliant bristles cleans harder surfaces effortlessly and won't scratch or catch like a wire brush would. Most nylon brushes contain no wire filaments which greatly improves user safety, as there's no chance of small pieces of wire flying off during use - potentially causing damage or injury.

When are nylon brushes used?

Nylon brushes are typically fitted to angle grinders and are invaluable for use across a large range of industrial and DIY applications. Some general applications include:

• Cleaning
• Polishing
• Deburring
• Light sanding

These are a few of the most common applications nylon brushes are used for across a range of industries including metal fabrication, wood and jewellery applications, casting and forging, and much more.

Need help picking the right nylon brush for your usage? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer free, professional advice to help you find the best tools for your needs.

Considerations when choosing nylon brushes

• Grit - The grit of your nylon brush determines the type of finish you achieve and the amount of material you remove. Higher grades (P400+) provide a fine, smoother finish, whereas lower grades (below P80) are coarser, providing a rougher finish but removing more material in the process.

• Diameter - Obviously, this mostly depends on your angle grinder. Ensure you buy the right size of disc to fit your power tool to avoid unnecessary returns. Additionally, the larger the diameter of the brush, the more surface coverage you will get. However, larger nylon brush discs do sacrifice some ability to reach more awkward places.


What PPE is used with nylon brushes?
Safe usage of angle grinders with any attachment (including nylon brushes) requires suitable safety glasses or a face shield to protect users from flying debris that is present when finishing, sanding, or deburring. Aprons, gloves, safety shoes, and hearing protection can help prevent accidents or injury.