Double Sided Tapes & Pads

Widely used across both the industrial and domestic sector, double sided tapes and pads offer an easy and secure way of joining two pieces of materials together or mounting items without the need for tools.

Here at Cromwell, we offer a wide range of double sided tapes and pads from our trusted, exclusive brands Avon and Sitesafe as well as national brands 3M, Sellotape and Gorilla.

What are double sided tapes and pads?

Double sided tapes and pads are adhesive products that have adhesive coatings on both sides.

Why double sided tapes and pads?

Double sided tapes and pads offer versatility and convenience in various applications, including mounting objects, attaching materials, and securing items.

When are double sided tapes and pads used?

They are used to bond or join two surfaces together, eliminating the need for visible fasteners or mechanical means of attachment.

Double sided tapes and pads types

Double sided tapes and pads all feature two adhesive sides, however there are several types of double sided tapes and pads available, each of which possesses key attributes. To help you to find the best one for your needs, we've broken down each type to better highlight the key features of each.

Foam tapes and pads   -   Foam tapes and pads have a foam-based backing with adhesive on both sides. They provide cushioning, shock absorption, and conformability to irregular surfaces. Foam tapes and pads are commonly used for mounting objects, attaching signage, and providing vibration or sound dampening.

Film tapes   -   Film tapes have a thin film backing, such as polyester or polypropylene, with adhesive on both sides. They offer good transparency, strength, and temperature resistance. Film tapes are commonly used in graphic design, crafting, and electronics applications.

Tissue tapes   -   Tissue tapes have a tissue paper backing with adhesive on both sides. They offer good conformability, tear resistance, and versatility. Tissue tapes are commonly used in bonding paper, lightweight materials, and splicing applications.

Transfer tapes   -   Transfer tapes are double-sided adhesive tapes without a visible backing. They consist of an adhesive layer covered with a release liner on one side. Transfer tapes are commonly used in applications where precise and permanent bonding is required, such as in graphics, signage, and bonding materials with smooth surfaces.

Considerations when choosing double sided tapes and pads

When shopping for double sided tapes and pads, it is important to consider the following factors. In doing so, you can select the most suitable double sided tape or pad for your specific needs.

• Adhesive strength - Determine the required adhesive strength based on the weight and nature of the objects or materials you need to bond. Some tapes have strong adhesion for heavy duty applications, while others offer a lighter adhesive for temporary or removable bonding.

• Backing material - Different backing materials provide different properties, such as flexibility, conformability, and temperature resistance. Consider the backing material that suits your application requirements, whether it's foam, film, tissue, or another type.

• Surface compatibility - Ensure that the double sided tape or pad is compatible with the surfaces you are bonding. Consider the texture, roughness, and composition of the surfaces. Some tapes may adhere better to certain surfaces than others.

• Thickness - Evaluate the thickness of the tape or pad. Thicker tapes or pads provide better gap filling capability and may be suitable for bonding uneven or irregular surfaces.

• Temperature resistance - Consider the temperature range the tape or pad will be exposed to. Some tapes offer better resistance to heat or cold, ensuring the adhesive remains intact and effective in extreme temperature conditions.

• Indoor vs outdoor use - Determine if the tape or pad will be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor applications may require tapes or pads with additional UV resistance and weatherproofing properties.

• Application method - Consider the ease of application and the available options for dispensing the tape or pad. Some tapes come with a release liner or backing that needs to be peeled off during application.

• Removability - Determine if the tape or pad needs to be removable without leaving residue or damaging the surface. Some tapes are designed for easy removal, while others offer a permanent bond.


How long does it take for double sided tape to bond?
The bonding time of a double sided tape will vary from brand to brand and series to series. It's always best to check the specifications or data sheet of the product for this information, to make sure it is suitable for your needs.