Car Cleaning

Designed to keep you moving from A to B, it's crucial to keep your car working to an optimum level through regular maintenance and cleaning. Our range of car cleaning products allows you to protect and take pride in your vehicle, keeping it running smoothly. We stock cleaning products designed for your interior, exterior and vital mechanics from leading brands such as 3M™, Karcher and Hammerite as well as our quality own brands Solent Maintenance™ and Solent Cleaning™.

What are car cleaning products?

Car cleaning products are designed for targeted, specialised cleaning of vehicles. For professional results it is always best to use products that are manufactured with the intent of being used on cars. Car cleaning products cover the entirety of the car, with cleaners for the exterior, various material interiors and the inner mechanics and systems of the vehicle.

Why use car cleaning products?

Car cleaning products allow you to achieve a professional, clean finish whilst effectively removing dirt, grime, and debris. Some car cleaning products are also crucial for keeping the mechanisms in your vehicle working effectively, such as brake cleaners, engine degreasers and brake and clutch cleaner as well as entire system cleaners. By keeping your car properly maintained and cleaned, you can protect the value of your car and ensure it works to proper efficiency.

When to use car cleaning products?

To keep you vehicle working to an optimum level and looking its best, it is reccommended that you clean the outside of your car once every two weeks, the inside once a month and wax your car every three months. However, this varies based on a number of factors such as the climate where you live, the frequency with which you use your car and the intended use of your car.

Whether it be domestic or industrial car cleaning, we have the right product for your car cleaning needs.

Car cleaning product types

Car cleaning products range from targeting your vehicles interior, exterior or vital mechanics. The most common forms of car cleaning products are:

Car shampoo   -   Designed to effectively degrease your car, car shampoos are designed to leave your vehicle free of streaks as well as dirt.

Car wax   -   Restores the clear protective layer over your car's paint. This prevents the ingress of dirt as well as protecting against corrosion and harsh weathering.

Brake cleaner   -   Removes contaminants such as a build-up of oil, brake dust and grease to improve braking performance and bolsters brake longevity.

Wheel cleaners   -   Manufactured specifically to remove stubborn brake dust and often acts as a fall out agent before shampooing your car for an easier clean all round.

Glass cleaners   -   Leave a streak free finish on windscreens, windows and mirrors.

Dashboard and trim cleaner   -   Designed to reduce static and repel dust, these cleaners keep your dashboard and other plastic features of your interior free from grime.

Screenwash   -   Mixed with water to clean stubborn dirt and debris from your windscreen using the wipers.

Considerations when choosing a car cleaning product

Application - When cleaning varying parts of your car, it's always best to find the right product for that component. For example, when cleaning your interior, it's important to buy leather, vinyl or plastic polish depending on the construction of your interior.


How do I best wash my car at home?

Before you begin you will need some cleaning essentials including a bucket, hose or pressure washer, car wash shampoo or a wash and wax mix, a sponge for reaching into crevices, cloths for dry wiping and a car polish for a professional finish. When cleaning glass or mirrors it's always best to use a specialised cleaner designed for this purpose, whilst a variety of upholstery, vinyl or leather cleaners can be used to enhance your car interior. Whatever products you select, it's always advisable to start from the top of the car and work downwards. If available, use a pressure washer when cleaning alloys and wheel arches and finish with an alloy or wheel cleaner for best results.

Do car cleaning products expire?

Almost all car cleaning products will expire eventually, especially if they are not stored correctly, or are exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. It's always best to check the label before use, as different types of car cleaning product will have different shelf lives and for best results should be used before the expiry date.