Terry Clips

From well-known brands such as Matlock®, terry clips are a convenient and easy to install fastener available in a range of clamp sizes to suit the needs of the installation.

What are terry clips?

Terry clips are a typically u-shaped form of metal self-retaining fastening, used as tool storage spring clips to attach various hand tools to tool boards, tool cases, and other surfaces. They can hold any cylindrical object by pushing the object into the clip to secure it and pulled out to release.

When are terry clips used?

The tool storage clip will spring back and hold any tool that has a round section, such as a drill bit or hammer shaft. Heavier tools will require additional support.

Considerations when choosing a safety trainer

• Size - Size can depend on the design type of the clip, but there are a wide range of terry clip sizes to choose from.

• Material - Most terry clips are made from stainless steel due to its resistance of temperature change, but there are also plastic terry clips manufactured. Although plastic terry clips are inexpensive and easy to manufacture, it does not offer the same grip strength of steel.

• Design type - choose from a closed, open or super clip type.


What size do I need to hang a hammer?

As the screws close up when screwed into the wall, it is recommended to measure the diameter of the hammer shaft just below the head and purchase a terry clip that is a few mm larger.