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Rulers are a true office staple, for measuring with precision or for drawing a straight line. Cromwell supplies a wide range of rulers from Stainless Steel to shatterproof, from brands including Helix and Q Connect, there will be one to suit every need.

What are Rulers?

Rulers are a tool or device used to measure length and draw straight lines with precision. They can be used for geometry, technical drawing, printing as well as in the engineering and construction industries. They are also used in the home, office or workshop.

Why Rulers?

Rulers can be used for many different reasons, measuring, drawing straight lines, cutting straight lines, maths, geometry, engineering, carpentry, drafting blueprints and construction. It ensures that you are using a precise measurement for the job at hand.

Types of Rulers

Stainless Steel-Highly durable, shatterproof. For use of precision measuring with craft knives and cutting mats as well as pens and pencils. For use in home, office or workshop.
Shatterproof-Plastic shatterproof, a long lasting tool for use in home or office.
Scale Rule-Has 6 different scales on one rule making it easier to create and draw designs with precision.
Metre Rule-100cm ruler has metric and imperial measurements.

Considerations when choosing a Ruler

• Size - Is the ruler long enough for what you will need to measure.
• Material - how hardwearing the ruler is. For example, a stainless steel ruler is a better tool for cutting straight lines with a craft knife than a plastic ruler.
• Measurement - Rulers are usually in metric and Imperial, but you can have up to 6 scales of measurement on a scale rule.