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Moving dollies (known simply as 'dollies') are straightforward in concept, yet invaluable in practice. Robust yet lightweight, they enable heavy machines and objects to be moved with ease.

Cromwell stocks a range of quality dollies, designed to meet the needs of any heavy transportation application from well-known brands like, Ttc Lifting Gear®, GPC® and Workshop®.

What are dollies?

Dollies are essentially a platform on wheels. Most dollies have two axles, four wheels, and a platform that's typically made from aluminium, or for lighter models, plastic. Whilst most are based upon a frame with four wheels, several different configurations are available to suit various transporting needs.

Why buy a dolly?

The simplicity of the dolly is also its greatest boon. Their streamlined design allows heavy objects to be loaded onto them and moved with ease.

Factories, workshops, and plants value the dolly for its ability to transport components, stock, and machines from one place to another without any back-breaking lifting that could cause damage to the object or the staff.

When are dollies used?

Dollies are commonly found in most warehouses, plants, or factories. You'll find them moving a range of objects from one place to another in a quick yet safe manner. They are also used domestically - when moving house, dollies are great for transporting heavy appliances, such as fridges or washing machines.

If you're looking for the ideal dolly for your job but aren't sure about the best one for your needs, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Dolly Types

When choosing between dollies, you'll be faced with two main types...

Standard dollies - The standard dolly is invaluable for moving heavy loads and items across a warehouse, with a reinforced frame and multi-directional caster wheels.

Appliance dollies - Similar to standard dollies, appliance dollies can handle heavy appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, fridge freezers, etc. and usually come with straps to ensure stability.

Lifting skates - Skates differ greatly in design from normal dollies. They are much smaller, and several skates can be placed under a single heavy object, giving them greater flexibility in what they can move. They typically have a few roller bearings under each skate to enable easy movement for even the heaviest objects.

Considerations when choosing a dolly

Weight - It may seem obvious - but check the maximum weight of the dolly is above the weight of the objects you wish to move. It's surprisingly common for this to be overlooked, so it's worth double-checking.

Straps - Tall, awkward, or cumbersome objects may require strapping to the dolly to ensure stability. Some dollies come with straps, however many professionals use external straps to secure the item to the dolly.


Can you use moving dollies for pool tables?

As long as you are able to secure the item to prevent damage or injury, moving dollies can transport anything within their weight limit. For a pool table, lifting skates may be preferable.

Who sells moving dollies?

You can find an extensive range of moving dollies on the Cromwell website.