Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets are an effective storage solution for any kind of workplace, keeping valuable items safe, secure, and organised.
Cromwell stocks an extensive range of high-quality industrial cabinets suited for use across all kinds of industries, including in offices, factories, schools, garages, and more.

What are industrial cabinets?

Industrial cabinets are usually made from mild steel or other metals and resemble a metallic wardrobe in appearance. They are designed as a space-saving solution to keep items secure and out of the elements. Many industrial cabinets have adjustable shelves on the inside to fit even larger objects.

Why industrial cabinets?

Industrial cabinets are used to keep items sorted, secure, and safe. The inner shelves of an industrial cabinet allow users to sort and place a variety of items that would get easily lost or damaged if left out in the open.

Most industrial cabinets are fully lockable and are used to keep valuable secure when not in use

When are industrial cabinets used?

Industrial cabinets are used across a wide range of sectors, but predominantly in the industrial and institutional sector. However, as a space-saving, secure, storage solution, they are useful just about anywhere.

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Considerations when choosing industrial cabinets

• Capacity - Ensure the cabinet can fit the objects you wish to store before buying.
• Shelf weight - Shelf weight is another important consideration. Do not exceed the shelf weight, and place heavier items at the bottom of your cabinet.
• Lockable - A lockable industrial cabinet helps protect valuables, even when you're away.
• Colour - Industrial cabinets are available in a wide range of colours to match existing room designs or thematics.