Mandrels & Arbors

For smaller or hard to reach woodworking or metalworking tasks, mandrels and arbors can ensure the perfect finish. Available in a wide range of types and sizes, we stock mandrels and arbors to professionally sand, grind and finish the tightest angles and curves on a workpiece.

We carefully choose our mandrels and arbors from well-known brands, like 3M™, Bibielle®, Pferd®, Kobe®, DeWalt® and Dremel® to give our customers a wide choice of high-performance tooling.

What are mandrels and arbors?

The names 'mandrel' and 'arbor' are often used interchangeably and are considered in the world of abrasives to be the same thing. What they are is a tool attachment that holds an abrasive medium for sanding, grinding, or finishing tasks. Powered by a direct connection to a rotary power tool, the shank of a mandrel is secured into a collet assembly or drill chuck.

Why buy mandrels and arbors?

Mandrels and arbors can vary in size and shank length to allow for access to tight angles, curves and other hard to reach areas when performing abrasive tasks.

When are mandrels and arbors used?

These versatile tool attachments are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, maintenance, facilities management and automotive to name just a few.

Mandrel and arbor types

Mandrels and arbors are available in a wide range of types to suit different tooling options and workpiece types. We've outlined a few of the most used here.

• Abrasive's mandrel   -   Designed to add length to an abrasive wheel, including grinders and rotary tools to allow for an enhanced reach into tight angles

• Disc mandrel   -   Manufactured specifically for use on a unitised wheel, the disc mandrel allows for these tools to be mounted securely onto compatible tools

• Mini mandrel   -   Small enough to hold a 1inch piece of abrasive, these mini mandrel tool attachments are used for abrasive tasks inside pipes or small cylinders

• Peen mandrel   -   For use with a disc sander or die grinder to perform heavy-duty metalwork

• Roll mandrel   -   Designed to hold an abrasive cartridge roll, this mandrel type is used to reach angles and curves to achieve precision grinding or finishing

• Rubber drum holders   -   Used to hold abrasive spiral bands securely, these versatile mandrel types are available in a wide range of sizes and shank lengths

• Screw mandrel   -   Used in conjunction with a multi-tool, this type of mandrel holds felt lapping wheels and cones

Considerations when choosing mandrels & arbors

Spindle size - ensure the mandrel shank fits the collet or drill chuck size you intend to attach it to before purchase. This information can be found on a technical data sheet.

RPM - mandrels and arbors must always be used with compatible tools that match the RPM capability of the attachment

Material - choose a durable material, especially when carrying out heavy-duty tasks to ensure the mandrel's longevity.

Mandrels and arbors jargon buster

To help you to make a confident purchasing decision, we've outlined some key terminology to ensure you better understand our range of mandrels and arbors.

What are unitised wheels and how are arbors and mandrels used in conjunction with them?

Unitised wheels are most often manufactured from layers of non-woven abrasive that has been compressed to form a robust abrasive disc. Their most common aplictions include preparation of surfaces and finishing. Mandrels and arbors can be used in conjunction with unitised discs to allow you to reach into confined spaces whilst rotating the disc where it is attached to your power tool.


Are mandrels and arbors the same thing?

Yes. These terms are both commonly used and are interchangeable, but essentially refer to the same product.