Expanding foam and filler's are an essential solution to fill cracks, gaps, seal and secure fittings in both construction and domestic applications. Here at Cromwell we have a range of expanding foams and filler's available from leading brands such as Everbuild, Polycell, Bond It and Evo-Stik.

What is expanding foam?

Expanding foam, commonly known as insulation foam, is a highly versatile type of foam that expands and cures fast to create a strong airtight insulated seal or fill in gaps and cracks.

When is expanding foam used?

Expanding foam and filler is ideal for creating a seal and filling in irregular gaps around components, brickwork, window frames, pipes, framework, fittings, joints and materials gaps or cracks to create a barrier which prevent draughts, creates insulation and deadens sound. Expanding foam and filler's can be used both in interior and exterior applications and adheres to the most construction materials, making it suitable to a wide variety of tasks.

Considerations when choosing expanding foam

Compatible materials  -   There are a range of different expanding foam and filler types that are specifically designed for use on specific materials. For example, wood filler is designed solely to be used with wood applications and unsuitable for other material types.


What is decorators filler?
Decorator's filler is an acrylic based, fast drying sealant and filler type that remains permanently flexible. This allows it to be covered over with wallpaper or overpainted with most paint types and requires no sanding down.