Get rid of stains and thoroughly disinfect surfaces with our range of industrial cleaning bleaches. We stock a wide choice of bleach in a range of sizes, from 750ml to 5 litres. Choose from well-known brands, including Domestos®, Mirius®, and our own brand, Solent Cleaning®.

What is industrial bleach?

Also called liquid bleach or cleaning bleach, bleach is available in two main variants: chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach.

Chlorine bleach is a water-based blend of chemicals, which includes between five and nine percent of sodium hypochlorite along with a range of other chemicals. This kind of bleach is an extremely corrosive substance and should be used with caution, taking care to avoid contact with the skin and other delicate surfaces.

Oxygen bleach is a much gentler substance than its chlorine counterpart. Made from a blend of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, it still kills the same bacteria and germs as chlorine bleach, but without the danger of toxic chemicals.

Why buy industrial bleach?

Both sodium hypochlorite and sodium carbonate are effective disinfectants, and kill bacteria and viruses, including the flu virus and E-Coli. Ideal for eradicating odour causing bacteria from waste pipes and drains, chlorine bleach only needs ten minutes of contact time to fully sanitise an area. While chlorine-free oxygen bleach is completely biodegradable.

Industrial bleach types

Bleach used for cleaning applications are available in both caustic Chlorine formulations and more eco-friendly oxygen bleach formulations...

Thin bleach   -   This version of sodium hypochlorite bleach is an economical solution to soaking cloths to remove stains and germs and is sometimes used in laundry to bleach stains out of white garments and bedding

Thick bleach   -   The same chemical formulation as thin bleach, thick bleach contains a gel solution to help it to coat surfaces, like toilet bowls. This allows it the contact time required to thoroughly sanitise the surface and remove stains

Oxygen bleach   -   Made from a blend of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, oxygen bleach is a safer alternative to the chlorine bleach mentioned above. It's colour-safe and is regularly used as a stain remover in laundry products. And, since its only by-product is soda ash, oxygen bleach is also biodegradable

Powdered bleach   -   Also called bleaching powder, this disinfectant is combined with water to produce the chlorine needed to kill germs and bacteria

Considerations when choosing industrial bleach

Application - Choose the type of bleach according to your application, thick bleach will work well in toilets and down plug holes, while thin bleach is ideal for soaking mop heads and washcloths.

Health and safety - as mentioned previously, chlorine bleach can be extremely corrosive. Wearing gloves can help to prevent skin contact.


Does bleach need to be rinsed?

Yes, bleach is a caustic solution and should be washed thoroughly from the surface after a minimum of ten minutes of contact time.

Should bleach be diluted before cleaning?

Dilute chlorine bleach at a 1:10 ratio (one part bleach to ten parts water) to mix an effective disinfectant for hard surfaces. Always read the manufacturer's instructions before use.