Floor Cleaners

Fill your cleaning cupboard with high-performance floor cleaning chemicals from Cromwell. We stock a wide variety of floor cleaners in sizes from 1L to 20L and for various floor types. Variants include both perfumed and un-perfumed to suit your working environment, so you've always got the right cleaner for the job.

Browse floor cleaners from our range of market-leading brands, like Jeyes®, Kärcher® and Zep Commercial®.

What are floor cleaning chemicals?

Floor cleaning chemicals are either concentrated or ready-to-use solutions for cleaning, polishing and stripping floors. Many include active ingredients such as Ethanol and Isopropyl to disinfect and sanitise hard surface areas and can be used with a conventional mop and bucket, or with an industrial floor cleaning machine.

Floor cleaning chemical types

Available to suit a wide variety of flooring, different floor cleaning chemicals boast advantages on specific floor and soiling types, such as targeting grease in food preparation areas. Often designed for specific surfaces, it's important to use the right chemical on different flooring types, as some contain high acid or alkaline content which can mar and irreparably damage floors.

• Floor cleaners   -   This type of cleaning solution is designed for use with a mop and bucket or a cleaning machine to lift and remove stains and general soiling. Some are designed for specific flooring types or environments

• Floor polishes   -   These are applied using a professional machine and are designed to seal and shine floors

• Floor strippers   -   This type of cleaner is used to remove previous finishes on hard flooring to allow for refinishing

Considerations when choosing floor cleaning chemicals

Floor-type - ensure you use the right type of floor cleaning chemicals on your floor to avoid damage. If you're unsure of which type to use, contact the manufacturer or check in with our experts for helpful advice.

Application - whether cleaning, stripping or polishing floors, choose the finish you require for the best results.

Scent- for customer-facing areas, perfumed cleaners can be ideal to make a good impression. However, in food preparation and storage areas, non-perfumed floor cleaners are required to prevent taint.

Eco-credentials - all cleaning chemicals state their impact to marine life and waterways. There are plenty of eco-friendly choices available on the market that are designed to minimise their environmental impact, such as Oleonix®.

Health and safety - when using floor cleaning chemicals, it's best to protect exposed skin and hands against direct contact. If splashes may occur, it's advisable that safety goggles are also worn.

Floor cleaning chemical jargon buster

A majority of chemical cleaners manufactured in and imported to the UK are subject to UK REACH regulations. REACH is an abbreviation of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

What does UK REACH legislation mean to my business?

UK REACH aims to protect the environment and humans from the use of toxic chemicals, and places responsibility for managing the risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals onto manufacturers and importers.

As a user of cleaning chemicals, employers must complete a COSHH assessment to ensure the safe use of said chemicals. Most of the information required for these assessments will come from Safety Data Sheets, which UK REACH enforce as an obligation from the manufacturers and suppliers to the customers.

If a Safety Data Sheet cannot be supplied for a cleaning chemical, then you should avoid using that chemical on your premises.


What's the difference between SLS and SLES?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) can both cause irritation to the eyes, skin and lungs, however, SLES is less of an irritant and appears in a range of skincare products as well as industrial cleaning products.

What's the best way to clean laminate floors without leaving residue?

To effectively clean laminate floors to their best finish, first sweep or hoover up any loose particles of dirt and dust. Laminate flooring cleaners are best sprayed onto the floor to protect against swelling in the joints due to excess fluid from a mop and bucket. A microfibre mop head will provide the best finish on this type of flooring, and once cleaned it should be left to dry naturally for clean and shiny floors.