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Providing invaluable safety, comfort and protection, harnesses are a crucial piece of equipment when working at height. Our range of harnesses includes different sizes and harness points, ensuring you can find the perfect harness for your needs. Here at Cromwell, we offer harnesses from brands such as 3M™, Honeywell Miller® and Ridgegear®.

What are harnesses?

Harnesses are protective fastenings that keep the wearer upright when working at height, helping them to move freely as they work. When fitted properly, the harness will help to distribute the user's body weight evenly, supporting their arms, head, back, hips, chest and legs. Importantly, harnesses can provide life-saving protection to a wearer in free fall, as they reduce the chance of serious injury from falls.

When are harnesses used?

Harnesses are used in any industry where workers perform tasks at height, such as construction, automotive, mining, transportation, fabrication and engineering. Risk assessments should always be carried out before deciding whether to wear a harness at work. More often than not, when working at any sort of height, a harness will be recommended or required.

Considerations when choosing a harness

• Fitting - Ensuring that the harness fits the wearer properly is crucial. Poorly fitting equipment will not provide the equal protection that it should do, and therefore may put the wearer at risk of injury.

• Harness points - Different numbers of harness points will provide varying levels of support and protection. They also vary the amount of freedom you have to move when within the harness. Ensure you choose a harness with the right amount of points for the intended application.

• Ease of use - We are all unique - as are harnesses. Make sure that the harness you choose is easy to use and adjust for you, as this is crucial when working in potentially dangerous situations.

Harness jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better.

What is a D-ring?

A D-ring is a D shaped tie-down mechanism that enables a worker wearing a harness to be anchored with a stable rope or cable, stopping them from falling.


What do I need to do before putting on my harness?

It is crucial to thoroughly inspect your harness before wearing it. Check for cuts, bent buckles, dented D-rings and general signs of wear. The harness has to be in excellent working order to ensure that it does its job properly.

How do I know the harness will carry my weight?

On all our harness product pages, we have included information on the max user weight that each harness can hold. Ensure that you get the right harness for you.