Leaf Blowers

Discover our range of leaf blowers online now. We stock a wide choice of high-performance leaf blowers suitable for professional and domestic use in parks and gardens of all sizes. Choose from an electric, battery or petrol-powered variants from well-known brands like Bosch®, DeWalt®, Makita® and Hikoki®.

What are leaf blowers?

Leaf blowers are a gardening power tool that blows leaves and debris into a pile, with some versions then vacuuming up the leaves and shredding them into a collection bag.

Why leaf blowers?

Fallen leaves can prove unsightly and a slip hazard, especially during wetter seasons. Cleaning up by hand can be a real chore but using a leaf blower allows for a speedy clean-up that saves your back and will keep your garden looking spic and span. For very large gardens and professional gardeners, a leaf blower is a must-have tool.

When to use a leaf blower?

Leaf blowers are most useful in the later seasons of Autumn and Winter, when the leaves have begun to fall in numbers and maintenance is key.

Leaf blower types

Leaf blowers are available as a blower only, or as combined blower vacuums which shred leaves and debris and collect the results in a bag to tip in the compost bin or to mulch borders. Usually available with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, some models have variable speed dials to shift heavier wet leaves and debris.

• Petrol-powered   -   Used widely by professionals, this type of blower features airspeed using the throttle as standard. Ideal for use in large gardens, these models are heavier than electric and battery-powered versions and need regular maintenance to remain in good working order

• Electrically powered   -   Lightweight and ideal for smaller gardens, electrically powered leaf blowers can be quite powerful, with their only limitation being the length of power cable

• Battery powered   -   Similar to the petrol-powered blowers, this type of leaf blower allows for unrestricted movement and flexibility in a space. However, most battery-powered machines tend to be blowers only without the vacuum option

Considerations when choosing leaf blowers

Garden size - for smaller gardens, a corded leaf blower will be ideal. With a similar length cord to an electric lawnmower, these cover quite a bit of ground, while larger gardens would benefit from a petrol-powered or battery-powered leaf blower.

Operator comfort - while electric blowers are generally lightweight, petrol-powered blowers can be heavy, especially with a full tank. Take note of the overall product weight before purchase to ensure you're able to lift and carry the leaf blower around for long periods.

Blower type - a combined blower vac can be a real asset in the garden, piling and then collecting leaves into a collection bag for composting or mulching borders. Some variants have the suction and blower tube permanently attached with a switch located at the side of the machine to change the action. Permanently assembled models can be bulkier, so its something to think about when considering your purchase

Maintenance - this is particularly a consideration for petrol-powered and combined blower vacs, as regular maintenance and cleaning is required to ensure the motor runs well, and if there's a leaf shredder, that it doesn't become clogged with leaves. Choose a model that allows access for easy maintenance to save time.

Accessories - A shoulder strap or similar accessory will support the blower and allow you to work for longer. For a combined blower vac, ensure the collection bag is large enough to retain all the leaves from your garden and that it's waterproof to allow for use during wetter months.

Health and safety - always use the correct PPE including ear defenders and goggles to protect against prolonged noise exposure and flying debris like sticks that may kick up during clearing work.


Do leaf blowers damage plants?

Leaf blowers used regularly and at high speeds can damage delicate foliage and erode topsoil. The best solution to this is to either avoid these areas completely or if your leaf blower has a variable speed feature, use the lowest speed when in these areas.

Is a leaf blower better than a garden rake?

There is no right answer to this one as personal preference is the deciding factor. Raking up leaves and then collecting them can be a strenuous job, taking time and in some cases causing back strain, while a leaf blower can speed up this process, with a combined blower vacuum reducing, if not removing the labour completely.