Security Cages

Security cages are a must-have for safe and secure storage of valuable or hazardous products.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of high-quality security cages, suitable for use across a variety of sectors and workplaces, including in factories, shops, plants, garages, and more.

What are security cages?

Security cages are extremely durable metal cages, usually fully welded and made from heavy steel. They are an excellent way to keep valuable or dangerous items safe and secure and can be used to prevent item damage or theft. They are available in a varied range of sizes to suit any space requirement.

Why a security cage?

Security cages are used to keep important items secure, sorted, and safe. They are suited to both indoor and outdoor storage.

The cages are often painted in bright colours to be ultra-visible to forklift drivers, lorry drivers or other machine operators - as a vehicle crashing into a pile of gas cannisters could be and expensive and deadly accident.

Security cages are typically fully lockable and are ideal for keeping valuables secure when not in use.

When are security cages used?

Security cages are used across a wide range of sectors, but predominantly in the industrial, institutional and consumer goods sector. However, as a highly secure storage solution, they are useful just about anywhere.

They are predominantly used to store items that are both hazardous and valuable, such as gas tanks or biochemical barrels.

Need help choosing for the ideal security cage for your usage? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised free advice to help you decide.

Considerations when choosing a security cage

• Capacity - Ensure the security cage is large enough to fit the objects you wish to store before buying.
• Mobility - Some security cages have castor wheels making them mobile, trading some security for the ability to be maneuverered into position for easier access. Some security cages are pallet-based, meaning they can be repositioned via the use of a forklift.
• Strength - Security cages are an excellent way to protect important or hazardous items, but heavy-duty security cages offer excellent protection and resistance to theft or damage. Consider spending more if your stored items are of greater value.
• Lockable - Some security cages come with multiple locks and a greater array of security measures to protect your items.
• Colour - Security cages are available in a varied range of easily-visible colours to match existing designs or thematics.