Hand Wipes

Whatever line of work we're in, hands are some of our most important tools. It's crucial that they remain sanitised and clean, to remove dirt and grease while also ensuring that equipment we're handling does not get contaminated. Hand wipes are a quick, easy and cost-effective solution for keeping our hands clean. Here at Cromwell, we offer a broad range of hand wipes from brands such as Solent, Ultragrime and Ambersil.

Why hand wipes?

Hand wipes are incredibly versatile, effective and portable. This means they suit any work environment, allowing employees to clean their hands when they need to, ensuring that dirt, grease, grime and disease are cleaned quickly without contaminating other people, equipment or infrastructure. They are incredibly effective, killing bacteria quickly while leaving hands refreshed and smooth. Hand hygiene is an important part of maintaining a safe workplace, where employees are encouraged to practice good personal hygiene and in turn reduce the spread of disease and dirt.

Hand wipe types

Hand wipes are generally the same, apart from the types of packaging that they come in. The only difference between products themselves is the fragrance.

Fragranced   -   These hand wipes leave a pleasant fragrance on the hands while still providing the same level of cleanliness.

Fragrance-free   -   These hand wipes have no added fragrance, but still provide the same high levels of cleanliness as fragranced wipes.


Do I need to combine the hand wipes with water?

No. Our range of hand wipes are pre-moistened, so they glide along your hands with a sanitising liquid that dries quickly, leaving your hands refreshed and smooth.

Do hand wipes do the same job as hand sanitiser gel?

Hand wipes sanitise the hands as well as sanitiser gel does, but the wipes go a step further by cleaning the most stubborn grease, grime and dirt stains from your hands, making them ideal for workshops and manual labour environments.