Floor & Roof Repair

Cracks and damage to floors, walls and roofs can cause hazards and injury if not repaired quickly. Here at Cromwell, we stock a number of floor repair, roof repair and maintenance solutions from leading brands such as, Rust-oleum and Devcon.

What is floor repair

Floor repair can be achieved by using a variety of all-in-one floor repair solutions, that can be poured or applied into cracked and damaged surfaces to repair damage. This quick and easy method ensures maintenance and repairs to flooring, walls and roofs is fixed fast to avoid injury and hazards.

When is floor repair used?

These types of floor repair solutions such as epoxy mortar, concreate patches, screed, bitumen are available for both exterior and interior repairs that range from floors, steps, pavements, damaged or eroded concrete, to stairs, car parks and more.

Considerations when choosing floor repair

Drying time  -   The dying times differ between product types, always check the label for accurate drying times.
Product type  -   There are various types of floor repair product solutions each designed to patch, repair or restore to a specific type of material, for example epoxy mortar is a heavy-duty repair solution designed to be used on concreate, whereas asphalt restorer is bitumen based and used more to refurbish the appearance of car park, footpaths or driveway coverings. This should be considered at selection.
Shelf Life  -   Once opened there is a recommended shelf life usage time which will be advised on the user manual.


Where is epoxy mortar used?
Epoxy mortar can be used to fill cracks, gaps and vents in patios, plazas and driveways. It may also be used as paste or adhesive for structural repairs, or used in setting tasks, where sealers are not necessary.