Hinges are a valuable component in the opening and closing or doors and hatches. Cromwell stock a range of hinges from brands like Matlock, Perry and Ganter, ideal as replacement or if your installing a new door, whatever the application, you can be assured of quality at an affordable price.

What are hinges?

Hinges are a key component in joining two parts together, allowing them to move independently to each other. They feature two flat faces, known as leaves that attach to each part respectively. Hinges typically have holes created allowing the use of fasteners like screws to secure them in place.

Commonly hinges provide a revolute joint, which provides only relative rotation around a single axis at which the two points are joined.

When are hinges used?

Hinges are commonly used in objects like doors windows or gates, but they can be used in other applications too.

Types of hinges

Butt/Mortise hinges - These hinges are recessed (mortised) into doors and frames to allow closure with a minimal gap between the two.

Continuous hinges/piano hinges - These hinges are designed to run the entire length of the door or panel and can be cut to length.

Concealed hinges - These types of hinges allow a door to move straight out from a recess and then open up. They can be primarily found in items like kitchen cabinets of wardrobes.

Considerations when choosing hinges

The application - Typically when mounting or replacing doors a mortise hinge is the go-to choice. However, these types of hinges may not be ideal for certain things like cabinets. If in doubt ask an experienced professional.

Size - Hinges come in a range of sizes, when choosing a size consider the weight of the two components being connected. Holding a heavy door on 3 small hinges for instance would not withstand the weight.


What hinges are suitable for an internal door?

Butt or mortice hinges are the standard for internal doors. A ball bearing hinge can also be used, this is a variation on the butt hinge and features lubricated bearings to reduce friction. These are ideal if the door is particularly heavy, such as an entrance way door.