Hooks, Links & Thimbles

Discover our range of hooks online and stock up on this handy product. Ideal for storage and connecting one component to another, there's a variety of designs available to suit your requirements. We stock hooks from well-known, reliable brands, like Perry® and our own brand, Matlock®.

Available in multiple designs, hooks are versatile components that assist with hanging an item or securely fastening or connecting one item to another. Made from durable materials, they can be attached to flat surfaces to provide a secure anchor point and can be both permanent and temporary.

Hooks are a quick and easy to use solution for a wide range of applications. Ideal for storing large items off the floor or providing a secure link from one component to another, hooks play a vital role in many harness and link products.

There's a hook designed for about every requirement. Compatible for use with wire, rope and cords they're a handy piece of equipment to have around.

Carabiner hook  -   Also called a snap hook, or spring hook these types of hooks are available in steel and aluminium and are used to connect ropes for fall arrest solutions, sailing and climbing.

Cleat hook   -   These hooks attach to a flat surface and are used to secure rope or cords to a wall or post.

Ring on plate   -   Sometimes referred to as a hook on a plate, this is a closed connector used to secure chains or ropes to a wall or post.

Rope thimble   -   Used in rope assemblies, these are also referred to as rope eyes and act as an integrated connector to hook said rope onto a rigging system.

Swivel harness snap hook   -   This features an integrated loop or eye on a swivel mechanism with a snap hook at the other end. These are used frequently as harness components but are also used for dog leads and similar items.

Swivel spring hook   -   When client-facing or frequently meeting with employees, an extension makes the perfect space to designate for meetings alone. Some designs are a rectangular-shaped addition, while others form a semi-circular space.

Quick repair links   -   Used to replace a broken chain link or to simply connect two pieces together, these components feature a simple screw closure for a secure seal.

Size for connection to a rope or chain, ensure hooks suit the circumference of the connection material.

Material - choose a material that will suit the strength required for the application.


What's the difference between a carabiner hook and a snap hook?

While both hooks essentially perform the same function, their operations and uses are different. A carabiner hook features a spring-loaded opening that allows it to be used with one hand. The hook can be pushed down over a link or chain and will close once in place to form a secure fastening.

A snap hook on the other hand features a small lever that opens and closes the hook. One of the disadvantages of this kind of hook is that the lever can catch and unintentionally open the lever, and some smaller variants have been known to catch and won't always be closed quickly. It's for this reason that the carabiner hook is often used in fall arrest systems and to hang heavy items, while snap hooks are used for lighter weight applications.

How high should a cleat hook to secure blind cords be placed?

Blind cords can be extremely dangerous when left dangling; and can cause trips and other more severe accidents and injuries. To keep blind cords safely secured attach the cleat hook a minimum of 160cm from floor level and ensure the hook is large enough to hold the complete wrapping length of the cord. This will prevent any loops or sections of low-hanging cord away from little hands or paws.