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Disposable Tableware

Disposable tableware is designed for single use and to be disposed of after use. Convenient for use in the office or for parties when you want a quick and easy clean up. Cromwell offers a range of products from cutlery to drinking vessels.

What is disposable tableware

Disposable tableware is a range of products from cups to cutlery, plates to napkins, usually made from plastic, polystyrene or paper, that are for single use and disposed of after use.

Why disposable tableware

Disposable tableware is designed for single use and to be recycled or disposed of after use. It is often used as an efficient way to clean up after an event or in an office environment.

Types of Disposable Tableware

Plastic Cups - Designed to hold beverages and to be recycled/disposed of after use.

Paper Cups - Usually coated in plastic or wax to stop the liquid from leaking or soaking into the cup. Drinking cones are also available as drinking vessels for use with water coolers.

Polystyrene Cups - Polystyrene is a thermal insulator which means this will keep a hot beverage warm for longer.

• ** Plastic Cutlery** - For convenience purposes. It is lightweight and designed for single use.

Paper Napkins - Used for wiping mouth or face whilst eating.

Considerations when choosing Disposable Tableware

• Correct cups for the temperature of the drink - If you are serving hot drinks, a coated paper cup or Polystyrene cup would be safer. Plastic cups are generally used for cold drinks only.


Can disposable cups be recycled?

Plastic cups can be recycled, but please check with your local authority recycling information. Unfortunately, as the paper cups are coated, these cannot be recycled.