Bungee Straps

Bungee straps offer durable elasticated solutions to securing items and holding them securely in place. Both bungee straps and bungee cords can go by either moniker but there are a few differences, the main one being that bungee straps are flat and chords are cylindrical. Both operate in much the same way.

Why bungee straps?

Bungee straps are ideal for securing items, either tying them down during transit or securing coverings. There elasticated design means that they can stretch to a limited degree over the contours of the item being secured for a greater fit.

Types of bungee straps

Bungee straps come in a range of different sizes and styles.

• Hooked - The most common type of bungee strap. Thes end with a hook and are mostly used for attaching to a range of things, like brackets, posts, pillars and poles.

• Ball and loop - Ball loops are most commonly used for tying around things as the loop and ball act as a closure. These are used for tying around a range of things to keep them in place or to have them hung such as banners, tarpaulins, and skip nets. The loop is fed through an eyelet with the ball holding it in place.

Considerations when choosing a bungee strap?

• Size - The length of the bungee strap you require will depend on its use. For instance, if you are securing large items for movement in transit you'll need a strap length that is close to the dimensions as the item being secured. Because of a bungee straps elasticated nature if it is a little shorter it will require being pulled taught to hold items securely. If the chord is too long this might result in the item being able to move around.
• Closure - The type of closure is an important choice and again depends on usage. Hooks are versatile, where as ball loop closures are less useful for securing items to things like trolleys etc.


What are bungee straps used for?

Bungee straps are useful for a lot of different purposes. They can be used as loading straps for cargo, trolleys and sack trucks as well as for securing items to roof racks or as an extra layer of security around luggage.