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Plastic Pockets

If you are looking for something to keep your documents clean and safe from spills or damage, yet still visible, look no further than our range of plastic pockets. Cromwell has a wide range from brands such as Esselte, Qconnect and Rexel.

Why plastic pockets?

Plastic pockets are for use to keep paper documents safe from liquid spills, food stains and even fingerprints. Commonly used in offices, schools and home, they are an excellent tool for keeping documents protected whilst still being visible to the content on the document.

Plastic pocket types

Plastic pockets are available in a range of variations, suitable for every need.

Clear Most used in the office, school or home. Made from a transparent plastic to keep your documents protected yet still visible without having to remove the document.

Coloured These are available in a range of colours, used for colour coding filing. Documents are still visible within the pocket but stand out visually.

Hole punched Available in clear or coloured but have a hole punched left hand side so they can be filed in a lever arch file for extra protection and organisation purposes. Available in A4 and A3 landscape options.

Flush Cut Available in clear or coloured and are sealed on 2 of the 4 sides. These are cut flush to the size of paper they are designed for.

Self Adhesive For use to display documents on a wall, they have self-adhesive strips to attach the pocket to the wall.

Magnetic As above, but with magnetic strips to attach to metal stands or boards.


What are plastic pockets made from?

Plastic pockets are usually made from polypropylene, however some pockets are available in polyethylene or cellophane and even from recycled and biodegradable plastics.