Bump Caps

For essential head protection in the workplace, Cromwell stocks a wide selection of bump caps to keep staff safe against bumps and scrapes. Available in a range of styles with a choice of peak sizes, our bump caps feature high visibility strips, the option of personalised embroidery and more.

We stock high-quality bump caps from well-known brands like Centurion®, JSP® and Portwest®.

What are bump caps?

Industrial bump caps are designed to protect workers who are frequently exposed to bump and scrape risks. A removable liner covers the HDPE protective crown, which delivers the minimum of 12 Joules impact protection, with 2.5 Joules penetration resistance. Some, but not all bump caps also protect against lateral impact up to 12 Joules.

Bump caps usually incorporate vents in their design to allow for ventilation and are suitable for working in temperatures up to 50°C. The cover material adjusts to the user's head size using a slip-ratchet or similar to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Most bump caps have reflective strips on the side panels to improve visibility, while others are designed as an entire hi-vis cap for low-lighting and night working.

Why bump caps?

Where environments include areas like racking or lower ceilings, bump caps are a great option. Modern designs are lightweight and ergonomic to resemble every day baseball caps. While the shells are replaceable and the covers, machine washable to provide an economic product with a long service life.

When are bump caps used?

Used widely in automotive settings, bump caps are very popular with pickers and packers who regularly lean into racking to retrieve products.

Bump cap types

There's a wide selection of bump caps to choose from, with some styles designed to protect against colder climbs, and others with fire retardant covers. However, for standard designs, all bump caps should feature a CE mark and comply with EN 812 standards.

• Micro peak   -   Usually 2.5cm, this peak length provides an improved vertical field of vision to the end user

• Short peak   -   This 5cm peak design is the standard sizing and offers the best of both worlds when both shading and vision is a priority

• Long peak   -   Boasting a 7cm peak, this option delivers enhanced shading to the wearer and is a practical choice when working out of doors

Considerations when choosing bump caps

• Hazards - the environment and the risks faced by the wearer will determine the safety characteristics required from a bump cap.

• Fit - most bump caps are made to cover a range of head sizes, but it's a good idea to try it on and adjust it to ensure you get a good fit.

• Other PPE - while some bump caps have integrated features, like headlights, where a bump cap must be worn in conjunction with another item of PPE, it's a good idea to try on the items together to ensure a good fit.

Bump cap jargon buster

To keep you informed and up to date on bump cap safety characteristics, we've broken down and explained the key safety standard to help you choose the best PPE for the job.

What does the bump cap protection standard EN 812:2012 mean?

EN 812:2012 governs bump cap design requirements to ensure each product meets impact and penetration compliance.

Let's break it down...

• EN - This is a current European standard

• 812 - This is the assigned legislation number

• 2012 - This is the year the safety standard was updated


Can I wear a bump cap instead of a safety helmet?

In short, no. Bump caps and safety helmets are often confused, but their levels of protection and safety standards are entirely different. Safety helmets deliver protection against the impact from falling objects and are rigorously tested to EN 397 standards. Bump caps on the other hand are designed to protect against bumps and scrapes from items like racking and low ceilings.

Can I replace parts of my bump cap?

Replacement components such as sweat bands and shells are available to purchase at Cromwell.co.uk. Take a look at our Head & Face Protection category page for more information on what's available.

For more information on bump caps see our Head Protection Guide... https://www.cromwell.co.uk/info/safety-technical-head-protection